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  • Jeet Shroff

    Santa Monica Studio (SIE Worldwide Studios)

  • Mi WANG

    Epic Games China

  • Wenlei LI

    Epic Games China

After years of development, console/PC games have become one of the mainstream formats in the game industry. With technological innovation and industrial development, the hot-seat multiplayer mode, Direct IP Linking Mode and LAN Play Mode have still retained a large number of loyal players. Currently, with the widespread use of the Internet Battle function, the console games have gradually added new elements of the networking and multiplayer mode. At this Console/PC Game Session it will showcase new thinking, new models and new practices of developers on online gaming development that is Internet-based.

  • Anqi JIANG

    Ubisoft Chengdu


    Blizzard Entertainment

  • Hao ZHANG


  • Junhao LIAO


  • Gareth WHITE


  • Elijah FREEMAN

    Virtuos China Ltd.

  • Nathan SHIM


  • Tianyu HU


  • Przemyslaw MARSZAL

    11 bit studios

  • Jimmy HUA


  • Peter LIPKA


  • Zhenhua XU


  • Rex CHAO

    JoyFun Game

  • Yifan ZHAO


  • Haifeng FU


  • Zhuoshi SUN

    Intel Asia Pacific Research Development Ltd.

  • Xun FENG

    DarkStar Games

  • Liangan Xu

    Epic games China

  • Kan GAO

    Freebird Games

The Mobile Games which is based on mobile phone, tablet and other mobile terminals as the carrier and featured with identification of online users and the information exchange technology, has become a new darling of the game businesses and gamers. Based on traffic billing, the social applications of mobile social games achieved via mobile networks have injected into the mobile game industry a new flood of value-added services and a new way to game market diversification. Compared with the traditional social games which are based on PC terminals, the mobile social games shows the features of more man-machine interactions and real-time scenes, and allows users to create and share contents and experiences anytime, anywhere.


In this Mobile Game Session, we will invite mobile game producers and developers, outstanding teams and professional audience to share the latest technologies, development models and new visions of commercial values, to systematically expound pluralistic development directions of mobile social gaming network, and bring new market opportunities for many game companies and entrepreneurs present at the conference.

  • Lin Koon Wing Macgyver


  • Lyu NING


  • Siyue WANG


  • Longfei LIANG

    Beijing Fancyguo Technology Co. Ltd

  • Jerry BAO

    Unity Technologies

  • Antti SUMMALA


  • Cheng Heng

    Giant Network

  • Guihui HE

    Shanda Games

  • Hank JING

    Gravitywave Interactive

  • Weiwei Pang

    Tencent IEG

  • Jian ZHANG

    Beijing ThinkingStars Technology Co. Ltd

  • Liang LIU

    LEDO Interactive Co., Ltd.

  • Pingwen ZHANG

    Beijing ThinkingStars Technology Co. Ltd.

  • Lans WANG

    Veewo Games

  • Haoqi LI


Independent game, a non-commercial game production, proves to shadow game developers' creation and creativity. It plays an important role in original game creation and keeping cultural prosperity home and abroad. And also play the significant role in creation and cultural prosperity between China and foreign countries in this area. In this session, we will invite excellent indie game developers’team to attend and sharing their unique knowledge on process of production and technologies they used.

Indie game session as the platform to trying to let increasingly game developers, independent game creators to exchange and communication, and bring more ideas to share in future.

  • Chelsea HASH

    Giant Sparrow

  • Tiexin LIANG


  • Yixin XIE

    Pathea Games, Chongqing

  • Zhe LI

    Dotoyou Games

  • Tyreal HAN

    Space Can Games

  • Brian LEE


  • Wengu Eddy HU


As an essential element in high-quality games, Art&Audio are increasingly adding color of game, to turning ordinary into classic. For the one of key session in CGDC, we will trying to let increasingly artists, audio producers on this platform to sharing their own knowledge, to provide audiences of richer and exciting technologies via professional producers from at home and abroad.
  • Beinan LI


  • Meizi YAN


  • Guanya SUN

    Giant Interactive Group, Inc.

  • Jay Koottarappallil

    WhiteMoon Dreams, Inc/ Next Sport Entertainment

  • Kaihong WU


  • Bin LAI

    Muzhibian Cci Capital Ltd Shanghai

  • Jian YU

    Xiaoxu Music

  • Ge YAN

    Sonic Shield

Online game products operation plays a management role in the online game product life cycle. It keeps maintaining and assisting the game from the very beginning to the final commercial operation. Operation takes part in every link of the game. A good game operator plays an indispensable role in a good online game. At Operating Session, we will invite operators of outstanding game products at home and abroad. They will share their own experiences and stories with the professional audience.

  • ShaoMan LEI


  • Lei JIN

    ZhongShan Subor Advanced Technology Co., Ltd Shanghai Branch

  • Winter GUO

    ZhongShan Subor Advanced Technology Co., Ltd Shanghai Branch

  • Mei PENG

    37 Interactive Entertainment

  • Akuma LEE

    Zhong Qing Long Tu Network

  • Peng ZHANG


  • Maxim de Wit

    goGame, a SEGA subsidiary

How to develop blockchain games via the blockchain technology has been regarded as one of the important development direction by global game companies. As the first China Blockchain Technology And Game Developers Conference in ChinaJoy. We will invite the most leading blockchain game R&D team to present the state-of-the-art blockchain game technology for Chinese game developers. In this conference, specific cases will be adopted to new horizon and technology of the blockchain games. Speakers will share precious experiences and unique perspective during their R&D process.
  • Benny Giang

    Axiom Zen

  • Jinsong Zhang


  • Sunding Tang


  • Haozhi Chen

    Beijing CHUKONG Technology Co.,Ltd.

  • Ariel Meilich


  • Xuan Zhang


  • Sebastien Borget


  • Ke Wang

    Mirage Interactive Co.,Ltd.

  • Matias Nisenson


  • Sumit Gupta

  • Arthur Madrid


  • Shirley Lin


  • Vincent Niu


  • James Duffy

    Loom Network

  • Christian Gehl

    Ares Tech GmbH

  • Kuo.W


  • Chen Hao


  • Xiao Wu

    Nanjing white matrix technology co,. Ltd

  • Samuel Shen

    Seeinfront Technology Pte Ltd

  • Ya Liu

    Ajob Lab

  • Jianfeng Sun

    Amazing Blocks Technologies

  • Runhua Dong


  • Johnny Lou


  • Lei Qian

    Unitopia Foundation

  • Luke Zhang

    Loom Network

  • Xiaoxing He


  • Changhao Jiang

    Cobo Global Limited

  • Yang Song


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  • improbable
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  • 亦来云
  • 九城
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