Name:Jerry BAO
Position:Technical Manager Greater China
Company:Unity Technologies

Jerry Bao currently works as a Technical Manager of Unity Greater China. As one of the pioneers in the development of early mobile games, he had begun the related game development in the era of feature phones, he has more than ten years of experience in the industry. He successively worked in famous game companies such as SEGA, DeNA, and Sohu Changyou, served as a mobile game client engineer with extensive experience in game development. Nowadays, he is promoting engine technology and technology evangelism for Unity, hopes to help developers with game engine knowledge and game development technology experience.

AI and machine learning are arguably one of the hottest topics in the game development industry in recent years. Unity's ML-Agents (Machine Learning Agents), launched in September 2017, opened a new chapter in artificial intelligence. After this open source project uploaded on Github, it was widely favored by developers and has been one of Github top 20 machine learning open source projects in 2017. ML-Agents has been iterated to version 0.3 so far, including two methods of reinforcement learning and imitative learning. The content of this lecture will explain the technical application of ML-Agents, sort out the implementation scenarios and methods of reinforcement learning and imitation learning.