Name:Lin Koon Wing Macgyver
Position:Technical Director

1)  About 18 Years of Game Engine Development

2)  Technical Director of iDreamSky Technology Limited

l  Leading the Tech Team of 96 people for AAA Mobile Game (China Version) such as Fruit Ninja, Temple Run, Subway Surfer

l  Leading Government Funded Game Engine Research Project

l  Optimization of Mobile Game Project of the Company

3)  Chief Game Engine Engineer of Gorilla System Corporate

Worked for the hand-held and console title (e.g. Hannah Montana – the Music Jam)

With the rapid growth of mobile processor (e.g. SoC manuafactured by Qualcomm SnapDragon, Huawei Kirin), the performance of high-end model of various mobile devices is keeping boosted in recent years. Some of the specification of mobile devices even has the capability of achieving console level graphics experience in terms of CPU/GPU’s speed, core as well as supported Graphics API(e.g. OpenGL3.0+, Vulkan)


How to plan yours project for these flag-ship product for the best performance?

What console graphics technology could possibly to apply on up-coming mobile devices?


The topics of this speech:

l  Introduce the possible optimization technique that can help to apply console graphics technology onto up-coming mobile devices.

l  Introduce how to use multi-core hardware to increase the number of light and shadow

l  Case study of iDreamSky’s Game Engine:

Helping independent developers to improve graphics quality

How to plan your project so that you can maximize the quality of your game at the time of publish.