Name:Liang LIU
Position:Technical Manager
Company:LEDO Interactive Co., Ltd.

Liu Liang, who has been involved in game engine development since 2009. He has worked in, infinite time and space company, perfect world company, and is currently the technical leader of the game engine development department of Ledo Interactive company . Participated in and produced "Infinite World", "Dark Dawn",, " King Of Fighters World ", " Samurai:The legend of bright moon " and other projects.

" Samurai: Legends of bright moon" is a large 3DARPG mobile game, It authoritied by SNK company, will issue by Tencent company, and developed by Ledo company.

As an ARPG mobile game, "Samurai: The Legend of bright moon" has been specially optimized for the skill operation of the mobile game, subverting the traditional operation mode and giving the player a more refreshing new action mobile game experience.

In terms of the game scene, the game has many very large scenes, and the scene object details are more.

In character model rendering, the self-optimizing PBR process flow is used, and the number of characters in a game scene is very high. In order to support a richer effect, the component and details are also more.

Therefore, high requirements are placed on client's performance of the game. We have done some things mainly in the following points.

      1. In the beginning we make a plan of the render effects and game efficiency;

      2. Reduce DrawCall as much as possible;

      3. A dynamic control render effect level system;

      4. The ultimate CPU and memory optimization;