Name:Xun FENG
Position:Art Director & Senior Concept Artist
Company:DarkStar Games

With over 15 years' experience, Feng Xun has broad experience in the fields of games design and stage art design since his graduation from the central Academy of Drama.

As a senior concept artist and art director in the industry of games and movies, Feng Xun has broad experience in designing characters and scenes.

Feng Xun has worked for UBISOFT as Deputy Art Director for 7 years, during which period, he involved in the design and ­­­production work of many well-known large scale 3a games, and also had experience working in the USA office and France office of UBISOFT for several times.

During the period when working for GFAN, Feng Xun had 5-year experience leading the art team and working as Art Director of mobile game products.

Feng Xun’s many works were chosen and published in publications, such as CG TALK and ImageFX. A large number of works designed by Feng Xun for games, including End War, Might & Magic 6, Prince of Persia, Might & Magic ARPG Rock Smith, The Promise, were published in European and US game magazines. Feng Xun also has lots of works designed for mobile platform products, such as the Legend of Gods (天神传), Mo Shou Wu Shuang (魔兽无双) and the Tale of Anti-Devil (降魔传).