Name:Peng ZHANG
Company: EGLS

Mr. Zhang has engaged in IT for 18 years and mobile gaming industry for 13 years as a competent engineer, who is in charge of leading the R & D team to develop game projects, as well as controlling product quality and project progress.He hasfamiliarity with the software architecture of various platforms and rich experience on the development of multi online games.

In 2005, CTO & Co-founder of EGLS Co., Ltd;

In 2005, CTO of Mammoth Science &Technology Co., Ltd;

In 2004, manager of Tianjin Mammoth Science & Technology Co., Ltd.;

The speed shark 3D game engine is a 3D game engine developed by EGLS technology team,  demonstrating as comprehensive embodiment of EGLS core technology. Since 2010, it has developed to the third generation of graphics rendering engine. At present, All games EGLS has successfully operated such as "Armed Heroes", "Soul of Blade", "Empty City", "Armed Heroes II" are developing based on speed shark 3D game engine and has made remarkable achievements in the domestic and foreign markets. The main content of this speech includes the structure, system composition and important technical points of the third generation speed shark engine, hoping to give inspiration to the audience and provide more ideas to solve the problem in the development.