Name:Jian YU
Position:Sound designer
Company:Xiaoxu Music

Game audio producer, Audio production planning, rich audio overall design and sound testing experience, focus on the project audio production communication, audio technical support and effect integration.

Routine audio production process is nothing more than: Sound design in the planning level of Content Provider,Arrange forms, business distribution,Return audit, docking and decision makers' communication, modification and acceptance,Effect realization and Adjustment of Program binding.

Because the game began to pursue higher quality in audio.Content Provide teams equipped with audio staff are also becoming more important,like Sound designer.Most of the work is to design audio, maintain audio related documents, and organize forms.According to the scale and actual needs,there will be a variety of forms.

Game audio in the resource level mainly for Music, sound effect, voice, and so on, in the design and the final effect realization also involves the plan, the procedure, sound designers ,the integration of external resources. And the application of audio middleware has brought all kinds of new possibilities to the cooperation of all parties. However, there are always some problems in practical operation, such as the limitation and communication of information, which leads to the result that the result is not up to expectations or inefficient, and so on. Based on the extensive audio service experience and the high quality output process, this speech shows how the small and medium CP can optimize the audio budget and the cooperation process to achieve more efficient and high quality audio output. This paper discusses the common problems such as audio planning, distribution, production and rational use of resources in large group CP, as well as the feasibility of internal and external audio cooperation and optimization of production process of middleware.