Name:Beinan LI
Position:Product Expert, User Education and Technical Consulting - Greater China

Product Expert, Developer Relations for Greater China at Audiokinetic, the Canadian game and interactive audio middleware developer. Since joining Audiokinetic, Beinan had worked on the R&D of Wwise, the industry-standard game audio middleware, as part of the software development team. He also supported customers from all over the world. His current focus is on user education in the Greater China region. He used to work for Ubisoft Montreal as an audio programmer and contributed to the game audio development in AAA games, casual games, and R&D projects.

Wwise provides a complete middleware-based interactive audio solution for gaming and other applications such as AR/VR and simulation. The vanilla feature set of Wwise is already powerful enough to solve the majority of your audio workflow problems; you can, however, further customize or extend Wwise to streamline your workflow when the need arises, using its advanced features such as the Wwise Authoring API (WAAPI). Other possibilities include analyzing Wwise projects for insights using external tools, or even improving runtime audio performance. Below are just a few example scenarios:

⁃   Quickly import large number of audio assets, generate Wwise Events for them, and fill in properties automatically, eventually evolving into reusable design templates;

⁃   Without using Wwise Authoring UI, customize your game editor to talk to Wwise to perform certain audio integration tasks;

⁃   Discover insights by parsing and visualizing various information of the Wwise project of interest;

This talk discusses about some directions of customizing and extend Wwise with examples.