Name:Wengu Eddy HU
Position:Indie Game Designer


The Con Simulator, solo

The Disappearing Of Gensokyo, composer


Eddy Violet, solo

Teletag98, composer/sound designer

Song of Fungus, solo. No.12 overall of Ludum Dare 38 (72 hours game jam), 1841 games submitted in total.

ORIENS, composer (new media installation)


Zombies Shall Not Pass!, solo. IndieCade E3 Showcase

Kitty in the Box 2, technical artist

Cognition, composer/sound designer


Bloody Dairy, composer/sound designer. Animation short. Vimeo Staff Pick / official selection of Annecy International Film Festival, France.

Games are a great way to create immersive content. That is, through playing, players can get a glimpse of the developer's inner world, and build up communications in between beyond time and space.

According to my personal experience, games are a medium of beauty. Moreover, the game is literally playable, which is not like most artworks that cannot be touched. Programming is its structure, its skeleton; art design is its flesh and blood; music and sound is the atmosphere; and in the end, the game designer endows it with soul; not a single element can be excluded. I believe that I can convey my feelings and views through my games.

Otherwise, the result could be various based on different development approaches. A gameplay concept is able to be presented by a complete unique style of art, code structure and music melody. It's crucial to draw up a plan in the beginning with healthy deadlines and milestones; and wisely choose a style of art & code to keep the workload in an acceptable way. A rough plan leads to a shabby project; Dwelling too much on the detail without schedule control will result in meaningless iterations.

As the indie developer of "Eddy Violet" & "The Con Simulator", I'm here to share my experience about project management and my solo development skill set.