Name:Jimmy HUA
Position:MTS Engineer

Jimmy joined AMD in the year of 2017. Before that, he worked in some Chinese famous Internet and Gaming companies. He has always focusing on the R&D of graphics rendering and game engine and has wealthy practical experience and deep understanding on them.

The next generation graphics APIs which represented by Vulkan and DX12, are a group of lower level graphics APIs. They give more works to developers, and thus will avoid much unnecessary overhead on drivers of traditional graphics APIs such as OpenGL and DX11. In this speech, we will introduce the characteristics of Vulkan and DX12 from the several aspects which include graphics commands submission, shaders compiling, resources management, multithread rendering etc. We will focus on their advantages and how they improve the rendering efficiency compared with the traditional graphics APIs. And then we will take Unreal and Unity as examples to give brief descriptions. At last, we will introduce how to use the new generation graphics APIs in game engines.