Name:Nathan SHIM
Position:Program manager

Nathan has worked in the Microsoft Advanced Technology Group and Global Publishing Group for more than 12 years, prior to joining PlayFab team. Nathan was involved in supporting various third party titles for key partners like Konami, Namco Bandai, Capcom , NCsoft, Nexon. Nathan holds a degree in Astrophysics but also worked in the 3D Animation industry as Director and CG Supervisor prior to working on PC and console (Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, WonderSwan) game development (and credited to more than a few cartridge based games too).

LiveOps – how you manage your game after launch – is becoming just as important in the west as it already is in China. Many Chinese developers, however, are not prepared to operate their games outside China. Attend this session, to learn how PlayFab can help developers of any size create and execute an effective global LiveOps strategy for games built in Unity. This talk will dig into all aspects of LiveOps, including real-time data analytics, in-game commerce, events, content management, offers and promotions, and much more. This talk will show how easy it is to add PlayFab to any Unity game, then operate that game on a global basis.