Name:Jay Koottarappallil
Position:CEO/Technical Art Director
Company:WhiteMoon Dreams, Inc/ Next Sport Entertainment

Jay comes from a 20+ year background in art, engineering, team management and business development in the game industry. Working with Scott Campbell, he started WhiteMoon Dreams in 2007 as CEO and technical artist. Along with WhiteMoon Dreams, in 2017 he started Next Sport Entertainment with Ray Cheng where he works in product acquisition and development.

Often, artists are told by engineers what they can and can’t do based on performance, but what if you, as an artist had more insight into why? Once an artist has even a minor understanding of how performance can be changed by different aspects of artwork, many more solutions and possibilities can appear. In this talk, I’ll be presenting how the basic elements of art hit the CPU, GPU and memory, then stepping through to details on how to easily visualize performance using Unreal4’s profiling tools.