Name:Sumit Gupta
Position:Founder & CEO

Sumit is the founder and CEO at, a venture backed livestream gaming platform bringing influencers and communities together.

Mr. Gupta is a 3x Entrepreneur (multiple exits including Bingo Bash), Angel Investor and Mentor. Passionate about startups and working with entrepreneurs.

With over 15 years of product and business experience in gaming, mobile, social, consumer web and blockchain, he has Invested in 50+ startups including as early Investor in crypto currencies and venture including BlockChain Capital, Blockstream, Filecoin, Blockcypher钱包, Vault12, Chia and Intangible Labs (basecoin).

He is also a Managing Partner at Piazza eSports Ventures with particular focus on investments and incubating eSports and Gaming startups.  The Venture firm's portfolio include Discord, Vulcun/StreamLabs, BitKraft, G2 Esports, DrDisRespect stream team,, Rolocule Games, Boom Fantasy.