Name:Mei PENG
Position:Overseas Operations Department Senior Director
Company:37 Interactive Entertainment

Ms. Peng Mei is the senior director of 37 Interactive Entertainment’s overseas operations department. As a result of her high level of expertise in leadership and development, the overseas operations team has developed dramatically in recent years leading to significant achievements in the overseas market and solidifying 37 Interactive Entertainment as a worldwide game developer and publisher.

As it stands, the 37GAMES overseas platform branch of 37 Interactive Entertainment has exceeded more 100 million RMB in generated revenue, with nearly 250 games published and over 15 thousand servers opened. Substantial high revenue markets include the likes of Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, America and Europe. Some of the games that have been launched globally include 永恒纪元(Blades & Rings), 奇迹MU:大天使之剑H5 (MU: Archangel H5), 镇魔曲(Defender of Destiny), 诛仙(Zhu Xian), 六龙御天(Loongcraft), with many of them reaching the number 1 spot of the grossing chart. The overseas operations plan for 37 Interactive Entertainment has only just begun with many high-level goals being set in aim of becoming a global worldwide power house in the gaming industry.

One of the key reasons Ms. Peng is a renowned leader and has been able to bring the overseas department to new heights is due to planning and implementing of an integrated marketing strategy to each and every new overseas market that is entered. Furthermore, as result of recruiting employees who specialize in localization, 37 Games has been able to create and promote products which are aimed at capitalizing on local requirements of the published location and achieving the needs and wants of the local market.

37 Interactive Entertainment has strong mission in preserving the essence of Chinese culture and entertaining our players worldwide, no matter the required needs. Ms. Peng and her team will continue to expand the game publishing platform and operating business to the global market and bring more Chinese games to players across the world for players to enjoy.