Name:Ke Wang
Company:Mirage Interactive Co.,Ltd.

Magic interactive is a company focused on the development of VR games on the whole platform. Aiming to create the most realistic virtual reality entertainment experience for the players. The team is composed of paranoia and psychosis in the game industries for many years. It is believed that VR will be the end of human civilization and hope to be the most valuable VR game company before the world destruction!


In 2016, the product "Pirates of the Seven Seas" landed on all the mainstream platforms such as GearVR, Steam, Oculus and PSVR.It was strongly recommended by Oculus.


In 2017, a well-known IP "Infernal Affairs" VR, which is working with iQiyi. VR version is coming to the mainstream mobile platforms such as GearVR and Daydream.


The new PC host product "Apocalypse Mechanism" has also been released and received a lot of praise at the E3 exhibition.

By the end of 2017, we began to develop block chain games“GOHamster” and “heroes of the seven seas”