Name:Chelsea HASH
Position: Lead Technical Artist
Company:Giant Sparrow

Chelsea has worked in the games industry for 13 years as an artist and designer, with over 16 shipped projects on a wide variety of popular IP for children, and custom software for live performance, art installations, and academic research. She specializes in visual system design, art pipeline development and team management

What Remains of Edith Finch had no art director, or it should be said it had no “one” art director. In what may have been the most appropriate fashion the strange fiction of the Finch Family was brought to life by the eclectic family of developers that passed through the doors of Giant Sparrow during its 4 years of development. This talk outlines the key directional breakthroughs, and how they were brought about by members of the team, forming the final "single auteur" aesthetic of the "triple I" game. From the keystone historical art styles and inspirations, the early days finding the first glimpse of the house (and rooms within), through the mise en scene narrative level design, and the rendering technology that made the density of the house and its stories possible at all - the balancing act of exploration versus realization was jointly held. Like a family, there were disagreements both long and brooding, and bright and fiery. With each persons taking up an oar for direction they dedicated a part of themselves to the final product. The contrast between the bits of people's hearts and the rough edges that couldn’t be sanded down are a part of the final product for which we are glad we shared the load of Art Director.