Name:Elijah FREEMAN
Position:General Manager Shanghai Studio
Company:Virtuos China Ltd.

Elijah Freeman is a highly creative gaming executive with over 18 years of experience, specializing in IP development, production management, and franchise development. He provides creative and executional direction with reliability and consistency in the creation of critically acclaimed, highly profitable multi-platform games.
Accomplishments include shipping twelve AAA titles totaling more than ten million units sold across all platforms.

Virtuos the world premiere content provider has worked in partnership with 5 AAA development studios around the world to create stunning versions of lead AAA SKUs for the Nintendo Switch Platform. In this presentation, we will explore the visual, technical and production journey for each of three identified titles and their transition from principal SKU to target platform.  

From the production perspective, we will be covering the exciting development stories and best practices exposed during 9-month development timeline. How Virtuos established new process for managing communications across 4 internal and external studios. We will discuss our methodology to address the challenge of designing and testing the HD Rumble, Touch Screen, Gyroscope, Online features to create complementary yet unique game play. How we set out to design a customized engagements and created unique gaming experience that added extra dimension to time-honored game play. 

Visual fidelity is paramount to Virtuos and our partners; we will discuss our multi-disciplined strategy that we employed on Product X to achieve these striking outcomes. How we balanced the visual goals and quality standards while maintaining optimal performance.

We will walk down the path of unlocking the power of this amazing portable gaming system. I will be Pointing out the highlights of distributed development and how Virtuos uses this development mythology to achieve the best possible team configuration and technical expertise to be address the challenge of a new and unknown platform.  Additionally, I will cover how these advantages gave us the extra attention and bandwidth needed for unique areas of development across multiple time zones during the development of Rockstar’s LA Noire