Name:Meizi YAN
Position:Country Manager & Lead Technical Artist

Substance Software Asia technical support and promotion, training customers including EA, Netease, KING and other studios in China, South Korea, Singapore, India.

Create the Substance database library since 2009.

Former post in Virtuos Shanghai as an Art Team Leader, participating on several AAA licenses such as Blade & Soul, Metal Gear Solid, Forza, Star Wars and more.

Over 90% of AAA game studios use Substance in their production pipelines, making it the industry standard for PBR material authoring. Substance is allowing a growing number of artists and designers to harness the power of rapid, efficient texturing and material authoring.

Substance is a unique, comprehensive ecosystem of tools and content:

-      Substance Painter | 3D PAINTING SOFTWARE.

Texture with brushes, masks and particles; render and export easily to game engines and portfolio sites.

-      Substance Designer | MATERIAL AUTHORING SOFTWARE.

Author textures and materials using a non-destructive, node-based, procedural and scriptable workflow. Improving project efficiency and quality, keeping art consistency.

-      Substance Source | Material library.

-      Substance Automation Toolkit + Substance Designer

Substance Automation Toolkit is a set of tools to make working at scale more efficient.

-      Substance Alchemist

A brand-new tool in the Substance ecosystem we’re working on, Project Alchemist, joins our vision of bringing digital material creation to the next level. It will introduce new ways of creating, managing and processing materials, by mixing procedural-based, hand-made, capture-based and AI-based workflows. Texture creation will become more accessible than ever!

The way Substance applies to Asian developers.

-      Hand-painted style dynamic material show case

Automation Toolkit show case